STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Cathy Clark, Administrative Assistant & Lover of Big Families

By: Cathy Clark
Thursday, August 17, 2017

To be honest, when I answered the employment post I was not aware it was a position working at a funeral home.  After a wonderful interview with Paul Perotto I felt very comfortable and at ease. Happy at having a successful interview and impressed with what Paul shared about the company, I was anxious to start! I’ve now been working with Walker Brothers Funeral Home for a little over a year, learned a lot and have truly enjoyed working with our families here. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to be helpful to them when they are in need.

A little personal background- Let’s start with I am one of SIX kids in my family! My parents raised all six of us to have compassion. Our mother encouraged us to be strong at funerals because “the family is going through enough.”  Even going through the pain of losing someone you love, mom also reminded us that they are going to a beautiful place where they will no longer be in pain. This positive advice has stayed with me and helped me to have peace at the end of someone’s life.

I have met wonderful families at the funeral home and am honored to feel the heartfelt warmth for their loved ones.  We take great measures to fulfill the family’s wishes, we listen and do everything we can to show the respect and caring they feel towards their departed loved one.  There is nothing better than to hear the family say, “how perfect everything went” and “how they didn’t have to think, all the details were taken care of.” It’s great and incredibly fulfilling to be a part of this team!

As for my own family, we live in Churchville, out in God’s country with beautiful land and peaceful surroundings.  We love it (until it’s time to get on the mower and cut grass for hours…) but it’s worth it!   I have a wonderful husband, Jim and a son. Our son Adam is a United States Marine and though I am proud of him, I miss him like crazy.  His adventures take him to many far-off places. We also have taken in Chloe, a German shepherd he brought home as a puppy right before he left for the Marine Corps…. surprise. When he comes home for a visit it’s wonderful to see the love a young man and his dog have for each other. 

I am also blessed to have four bonus children; Tammy, Lori, Jammi & Jim Jr. which in turn brought us seven grandchildren and one great grandson.  Family get togethers are crazy and so much fun, the more the merrier!  Being one of 6 children, large groups feel natural. When I grew up, these were the days moms stayed home to raise their children. Many of our neighbors had six or more kids. I lived in a great neighborhood where we all played together and made great memories. I was fortunate to stay home with my son Adam for his first three years, which I felt blessed to be able to do.  The memories are so precious, being there for his first steps, first words etc…. are things I will never forget. 

Outside of work and “HOME work,” I enjoy gardening, especially flowers, reading a great love story, “trying” to play golf, and most of all spending time with the people I love. For me, making a great meal for everyone is so rewarding. Guessing that comes from being raised by a woman who cooked a great meal for us all every night, dessert included!  Once, me, my sister, brother and niece went to my childhood home to have a household sale and upon venturing into the kitchen where we enjoyed all those meals, we wondered how eight of us fit in that kitchen!  It reminded me that the memories you make with the people you love is truly all that matters.  Love every moment you get with the people around you, have a smile and give lots of hugs.


Interesting take on growing up in a big family:


German Shepherd lovers, here's a great shepherd story. Take a peek:


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