Flexible Funeral Funding

We believe in the meaningful celebration of life and will assist in creating a service to meet your needs. For your convenience, we also offer the following unique payment options:

Assignment of life insurance policy

Assignment of a life insurance policy is one way to fund your selected services. We will assist with the claims process to remove the stress of completing insurance forms.

Financing through a local bank

Another option is a financing plan through a local bank, available with prior credit approval. Our experts can assist with your funding needs and a repayment schedule, tailored to fit your budget.

Our hope is that these additional payment methods remove the financial concerns that you may be feeling. Contact us now and we will examine which solution best fits your needs.

Schedule Your Appointment

To explore these options, please click on the link belowto schedule your appointment with Mike or Dave.

For a more immediate answer, call our office now at (585) 720-6000.

We are here to provide payment solutions during a difficult time.

Michael Perotto, President & David Perotto, Vice-President