Cremains Burial

Cremation is continuing to grow in popularity. So too is, the desire to scatter cremains. Our standard recommendation is for the family to wait a period of 6-12 months before making such a decision. The opportunity to change one’s mind once the cremains are scattered is gone. Can family members go to this place where the cremains have been scattered easily and express themselves in a private, dignified manner? The place that is chosen will certainly be of great importance to the person who has died and their family members and friends, will you always have access to it? What guarantees exist that scattered cremains will remain in that very special spot undisturbed?

Some want to bring the cremains home as their final resting place. Most families never take the time to have a discussion, about what happens to the cremains once the person who brought them home dies? Are there family members ready to bring them into their home with the same comfort level that you were? Finally, when only one person has access to the cremated remains others are not afforded the same comfort they all would be able to share when the cremains are buried in a local cemetery.