Celebrant Services

The loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming time of hectic activity and of sadness. The time spent remembering and celebrating the life of those who have passed is ideally a time where a meaningful farewell or eulogy can help further family healing.

To help with this process some families turn to the clergy of their local church to capture the essence of a person's life in a eulogy. However, for families who are not aligned with church they are left without someone to fulfill this important role.

That's why at Bartolomeo & Perotto all of our Funeral Directors are also trained Funeral Celebrants. Whereas a Funeral Director is primarily concerned with the logistics of the day and the comfort of the family and guests, a Funeral Celebrant is focused on the emotional and spiritual needs of all and helps to heal the wounds through the power of a well told life story.

At Bartolomeo & Perotto, we believe that...a remembered life, lives on. One of our trained Funeral Celebrants can help your family and guests shape their final memories of your loved one and insure that the story of their life is not forgotten.​


Why Choose Us?

At Bartolomeo & Perotto, we believe that a life remembered, lives on. That the very act of sharing the stories of your loved one's life allows them to live on through your memories and that death is sad but forgetting their stories is an unrecoverable loss.

Every family deserves, and needs, to take the time to say goodbye when they lose a loved one. By gathering together and celebrating the stories of a lifetime, hearts will be warmed, bonds will be renewed and your family will begin the process of healing. Read More