Our Affiliations

The staff members of Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home, Inc. are very active in both community and professional organizations. Here is just a short list of the local, regional and national groups where we put our time and energy.

Greece Chamber of Commerce  
Website: www.greecechamber.org

Greece Rotary
Website: www.greecerotary.org

National Funeral Directors
Website: www.nfda.org

New York State Funeral Directors  
Website: www.nysda.org

Northwest YMCA  
Website: www.syracuse.ymca.org

Preferred Funeral Directors  
Website: www.pfdi.org

Rochester Genesee Valley Funeral Directors
Website: www.rgvfda.org

Selected Independent Funeral Homes  
Website: www.selectedfuneralhomes.org

Independent funeral home membership