Joyce M. Maslyn

GREECE - September 25, 2019. Joyce is prede­ceased by her husband Frank Maslyn and her parents Max & Doro­thy Kleber. She is sur­vived by her siblings, Bruce (Marilyn) Kleber, Douglas (Ellen) Kleber & Marc (Barbara) Kleber; dear friends, Pam & Dave DeVos, Justin & Matthew DeVos; several nieces, nephews, cousins & dear friends. 


Joyce’s life story will be shared during her vis­itation, Monday, September 30th, 2-4 & 6-8 PM at the funeral home, 1411 Vintage Lane (Between 390 & Long pond Rd.). Her Funeral Service will be celebrated Tuesday, October 1st, 10 AM at the funeral home. Joyce’s entombment in Buffalo Cemetery will be private. In lieu of flowers, do­nations may be sent to American Cancer Society, 6725 Lyons St., PO Box 7, East Syracuse, NY 13057 in Joyce’s memory.


Joyce was born May 31st, 1940 and grew up in Cheektowaga with her mom, dad, brothers: Doug, Bruce, and Marc. She enjoyed spending time and traveling with them. She always loved to talk about her German heritage. At one time or another, she would break out with a German word in her German accent. She enjoyed any time she spent with her brother Doug and sister in law Ellie. She especially loved their dogs and would call them her “neph-dog” and she especially loved when Mitch would sit next to her and put his head on her lap, in the back seat of their pick up for the whole trip. Joyce was a Business Teacher for Greece Central. She started at Greece Arcadia and retired from Greece Olympia. She just recently had a student of hers that graduated in 1969 reach out to her last year and let her know that she was one of his favorite teachers. Dave's brother Dan also had her for a teacher at Olympia and always remembered a quote she would share, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Joyce was one of the advisors for DECA at both Arcadia and Olympia and if you got a chance to look at her scrapbook last night you will see the articles after articles of this event she loved so much. Joyce was a hard worker when she had her mind on something she got it. In 1998 she retired and bought her house which she said was her dream house.

Joyce had many passions in her life: Her love for the Lord, her house, her gardens, music, hummels, beanie babies, porcelain dolls, peacocks, reading romance books, she loved watching the news, jeopardy, wheel of fortune and she even Bull. Joyce loved her time with her many dear friends... GEVA, many bus tours with her friends and her mom, lunches, and dinners (especially going to the Village Inn with sister Joan. She enjoyed and looked forward to her nightly talks with her dear friend Joyce. Her favorite night of the week was Wednesday when Dave would go over to take the garbage out, they would talk for hours. During the holidays she would decorate both outside and inside which included: many statues, scarecrows and even many themed Christmas trees you would find throughout her house during Christmas. When it came to her garden and her yard she was the Yard Supervisor. I remember one time Matt had to take care of her garden. He came back home and said Mom, Grandma Joyce told me every plant she had and showed me exactly how to water it. You would always find her out there telling the lawn guys exactly how to cut her trees and how to cut her grass. She didn't just trust anyone to water her gardens. Her favorite flowers are Gerber pink and orange ones especially. If you knew Joyce those were her two favorite much that her garage door is even orange.

When we were planning her FairyTale wedding the first thing she said was she wanted it to be Hot Pink and Orange themed. Talk about the Fairy Tale wedding….She met the love of her life, Frank, while dancing at the Legacy when she was visiting her mom one day. I remember Joyce telling us…”I met a guy, but there is just one thing...he’s older than me….he is 95. We told her age didn't matter as long as she was happy, she said she asked him to dance and the rest was history….She proposed to him not too long after that day and he said he wanted to propose to her, but he figured she would have said No. They got married June 2012. She said she knew her time was precious with him so they celebrated years in increments of months. Every month was a year. Joyce's favorite place that she traveled to was the Dominican where they spent their honeymoon. Many memories for our family include: many holidays we spent together, St. Nick, giving chezits to Roxy, which Joyce loved her as much as Roxy loved Joyce, talking to Joyce across the yards, and the boys sharing their achievements which she loved hearing about. Joyce never had kids of her own so she would always tell us we were her family. She loved us like we were her own and we loved her just as much. Like her sister in law Ellie reminded me, she might not have been blood but she was love, and this is so true. People have been telling us we were a blessing to her, no SHE was the true blessing to us. God calls us to love our neighbors but as believers in Jesus Christ we are a true family and we have that reassurance that we will see each other again.

Joyce loved butterflies and the day after she passed Roxy started barking, I just thought she was barking at a dog passing by like she always does. I walked out of the house to my car and right there flying around in front of me was the most beautiful orange monarach butterfly. It left our yard and flew across the street to Brad and Amys yard fluttered around there and then flew back across the street to her yard. I totally believe in signs and I know that was a sign from Joyce letting us know she is at peace. Joyce may you forever now dance in heaven with the love of your life and I know we will see you again sometime.

I just want to leave you with two poems that I found in Joyce's planner:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...the courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.