When Cremation Is Preferred

Cremation has been an accepted part of the human experience for thousands of years. Some families choose cremation because of a long family tradition, others for environmental reasons, some for the cost savings, and some because they see it as the simplest choice.

Here in Monroe County, approximately 50% of families choose cremation. The vast majority of these families use a local full-service funeral home and they often have some form of memorial service or tribute before or after the cremation service.

Nonetheless, if you are considering a discount cremation company, here are 6 questions you should ask them before you engage them to carry out your request.

1.     Exactly where will your loved one be before cremation? Is the facility clean and secure? Can you see it?

2.     Does the crematory adhere to all New York State regulation? Do they keep an accurate records?

3.     Does the provider transport your loved one themselves and are they transported privately or on a communal vehicle with other deceased persons?

4.     Can the family say goodbye to their loved one before the cremation? If so, where will this take place and will there be someone there from the discount cremation company to help?

5.      Does the cremation provider follow a published code of conduct?

and most importantly...

6.      So that you can be assured that you actually have your loved one’s ashes… How does the discount cremation company positively identify the cremated remains they receive from the crematory?

When it comes to cremation, 100% accuracy is the only acceptable standard.

After the cremation process has been completed, we will return the ashes to you in a simple container. The question is what to do next.

Some people choose to transfer the ashes to a decorative urn and display it in their home. Although practical in the short term this cannot be viewed as a final resting place. It's common for retirees to downsize their lifestyle, homes are bought and sold, and the urn becomes yet another item to be boxed up and placed in storage. Future generations will be faced with a difficult decision of what to do with the urn that they have inherited.

At Bartolomeo & Perotto, we will take the time to show you many options for both urns and permanent markers. If you are consider having the ashes scattered, we will also discuss some things you will need to consider so that the scattering event is both memorable and pleasant for your family and friends.

Bartolomeo & Perotto is also Rochester’s only Cremation With Confidence™ provider, a 10-step cremation process specifically designed to meet the needs of families choosing cremation.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (585) 720-6000.