Security of the Remains

Many families today are concerned about security. Whether choosing burial or cremation, families want to know that their loved one's remains reach their final resting place as planned and undisturbed. Sadly, a quick Google search will find examples of too many incidences in which their security concerns were justified.

At Bartolomeo & Perotto, we have never had any kind of security problem in our 90 year history. The reason we have never experienced a problem is that we have always followed a detailed proactive security plan.

For families choosing cremation we are Monroe County's exclusive provider of Cremation with Confidence ™. This is a unique program under which we pledge to abide by a strict ethical code and perform the cremation to an exclusive 10-step process designed to guarantee security.

For families choosing burial, we follow a similar 10-step high security process so that you can always be assured that your loved one's remains reached their resting place properly.

Whether choosing burial or cremation, one of the most important steps in our process is to require each family to come to our funeral home and personally verify that we have the correct remains in our custody. Although initially designed as a security procedure this also has significant healing value as family members are given the opportunity for one more goodbye.