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Beatrice Corcoran

Obituary of Beatrice Corcoran

GREECE - December 24, 2019.

Beatrice is predeceased by her husband, Daniel J. Corcoran, Jr. & daughter Cheryl Roberts. She is survived by her daughter Karen (Jim) Boehm; son-in-law, David Roberts; grandchildren, Alisha (Kevin) McNally & Kelly Boehm; great-granddaughter, Ava McNally; several nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends. Special thanks to the caregivers at Unity, Wegman Cottages for the wonderful care they gave to Beatrice.

Beatrice’s Funeral Mass will be celebrated, January 4th, 10:30 AM at St. John the Evangelist Church, 2400 W. Ridge Rd.. Interment in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was private. In lieu of flowers donations may be sent to Alzheimer’s Association, 435 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester, NY 14620 in her memory.


Beatrice’s biography, written by her daughter, Karen Boehm

I think the day my mom and dad got married was the greatest day of her life but I think she would say having my sister and I probably were. My dad adored my mom immediately but my mom was much more modest and shy about dating. So my mom never quite expressed what she thought of my dad. She was torn between marrying my dad or staying home with her mom and continue to raise and support her six other siblings. 

Beatrice lost her dad when she was only 12 years old and being the oldest of seven children felt a huge family obligation. She finally chose love for my dad over raising her siblings! Then her journey began with my dad's famous saying, "Lucky Bea, she married me"!  We all knew it was really the other way around! My parents love for each other endured for almost 62 years of marriage!  We celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in May of 2012 and the next month my mom fell and broke her hip and a few months later broke her femur. Unfortunately she was never able to return to the home she loved on Rae Drive. Instead her new home became the Wegmans Cottages where she remained for the past seven years.

We recently celebrated my mom's 90th birthday in November. We included the staff, elders, friends and family to share in my mom's milestone birthday. My mom's smiles that day were priceless. My mom was the best hostess for any family party and she always made sure everyone had everything they needed. I always liked how she was able to clean up so quickly and then my sister and I didn't get stuck doing it!

My mom/Beatrice always enjoyed gardening.  Our backyard was always meticulous with all sorts of annuals and perennials.  She faithfully would maintain all the flowers that were lined up along the back fence, side fence, against the house and the rock garden.  Both my sister and I never inherited the gardening gene! When I was child, I could never understand why my mom liked playing in the dirt!  Anyway, our yard always looked beautiful thanks to our mom.

Beatrice grew up catholic and had a very deep and strong belief in God.  This was evident when my mom and dad bought their first house in Greece back in 1956 and joined St. John's Evangelist church.  Both my mom and dad attended Sunday mass faithfully and have been lifelong parishioners ever since.

My mom loved her family dearly. She was thrilled with having two beautiful granddaughters, Alisha and Kelly. She loved spending time with them and always had fun playing games with them. She especially enjoyed having them stay over to help her cook or bake. Then her sweet, precious great granddaughter Ava arrived on Oct. 7, 2017. Even though my mom was declining with her dementia…Ava was able to light up my mom’s face with smiles! There was something about seeing Ava that just filled her heart with so much love and joy. My mom would laugh, smile and try to make conversation with Ava. Once Ava started walking, she figured out how to push great grandma in her wheelchair and how to push the buttons on her bed. Ava visits were the best not just for my mom but all the elders that lived in the cottage with my mom!

My mom also was an avid sewer.  She would make my sister and I matching dresses for Easter.  Both my sister and I learned  how to sew as well.  I (Karen) eventually bought a brand-new Singer sewing machine when I was 16 years old, but my mom was perfectly content with her original Singer sewing machine.  My mother instilled in me the love for sewing and to this day I continue with her legacy.  My mom also enjoyed crocheting, knitting and made these unique hot pads out of yarn.  My mom never sat too much and she was always busy doing something around the house.  Seldom would you ever see her sit in front of a tv.

My mom was not much of a tv person until she was much older but did seem to enjoy Dancing with the Stars.  Anything with music and a good comedy show she seemed to enjoy it, especially if she was with my dad.  My father was the disciplinarian back in the 60-s-70's.  If my sister and I were "bad" she would say, "Just wait until your father gets home!" That was all we needed to hear but most of the time she never really told him what we did!

Beatrice endured a lot in her lifetime. She had a challenging childhood, lost many friends and family members including my sister. She had many multiple surgeries and through it all I never once heard her complain.  Losing my sister 21 years was the most devastating thing I had to witness with both my parents. Mom's heart was broken but she never stopped loving her family and her faith I think became even stronger.  Mom was a gentle caring soul and greeted everyone with an infectious smile.  She was an extremely hard worker both at home and at work.  She loved being the school secretary and always had fun stories to share about the children and staff.  My mom was always supportive and caring of others and made sure others had their needs met first before hers.  Difficult to find just five words that best describe my mom, but I will try:  gracious, caring, loving, selfless & faithful.

Beatrice’s caregivers for the past seven years became a part of our family.  Her nickname was "Bea Bea".  They always commented how beautiful she looked.  A worker once told another elderly resident that my mom was a movie star! The caregivers always made sure she did in fact look like a movie star, her makeup, jewelry and hair done were always done just right.  Thank you for the TLC you gave to my mom.



Memorial Service

10:30 am
Saturday, January 4, 2020
St. John The Evangelist Church Of Greece
2400 West Ridge Road
Rochester, New York, United States
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