Anna Cutarella
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Obituary of Anna Michelina Cutarella


Anna passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving family, on March 17th, 2020 at the age of 71. Predeceased by her parents, Orlando & Laura.  Anna is survived by her loving husband of over 50 years, Remo; son, Marino (Heather); daughter, Romina (Mike); brother, Paulo (Rita); grandchildren, Nichole (Phil) & Zachary; many nieces & nephews. 

Services and interment will be held privately.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be directed to Elizabeth Wende Breast Care LLC. at 170 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester, NY 14620 or Transplant Needs Fund at 601 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14642 Attn: Leah.

If we were to describe our mom, it would be with three words: strong, selfless and talented.


Strong: No matter what hardships she endured, she never complained or burdened anyone. She left her home, family and everything she knew at a young age to come here from Italy. She worked tirelessly, sometimes two jobs, in a field that was male dominated and outworked most of them. She beat her breast cancer and endured chemotherapy, while still insisting on cooking Sunday meals for the family. As a matter of fact, the day after her mastectomy, I walked in to check on her and had to yell at her because she was vacuuming the living room floor. Her knee replacement, broken arm, skin cancer, hernia surgeries, the same; she would not let us take care of her. She insisted on doing everything she normally did.


Selfless: To say this woman would do anything for her family would be an understatement. She lived for her grandchildren. There was pasta and sauce every time Nichole walked in the door and she was a short order cook for Zachary when he stayed with her for summer breaks. But she was selfless with others too, like neighbors and coworkers. She helped a single mom at work by buying her a kitchen table because she couldn’t afford one. Mom became Godmother to this woman’s daughter and every year, without fail, that child would receive a birthday and Christmas gift from our mom. She cooked and baked for everyone during the holidays and showed up with her ‘miracle chicken soup’ when we were sick. There was nothing you asked that she wouldn’t do.


Talented: Our mom was best known for her cooking and baking. Her pizza was like no other. When we were young, the kids from the neighborhood would huddle in the front yard waiting for us to finish dinner so we could bring them some. Holidays were always full of meats, pastas and soups, all better than the next. She cooked seven course meals, and as we got older, we’d have to tell our significant others, “Pace yourself, don’t fill up on the first course.” They didn’t listen. They all asked for seconds and then quickly learned their lesson because they were full for the rest of the meal. She was also talented in other ways. A gardener, her lawn was the greenest in the neighborhood and you’d never see a weed. Her flowers beautifully bloomed Spring until Fall. She was a seamstress... although I hated it because she made my clothes when I was young. She hemmed pants for everyone and hemmed all of Nichole’s prom and ball dresses. She turned a size six dress into a size one. She knitted and crocheted many sweaters, blankets and scarves. She was a butcher in Italy and would debone a roast with ease. She was making prosciutto long before it was gourmet. Her talents were endless; she could do anything.


Although at the end her body failed her, I know she would have kept fighting to be there for us. She was the glue, the backbone, the heart of our family. She will be missed beyond words. We love you, Mom.


Immediate Burial Needs in Greece, NY
Support your loved ones at a funeral
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